London Bridge is falling down

Just had this email from TFL

From Monday 16 March until the end of October 2020, London Bridge will be closed to all traffic except buses, licensed taxis, motorcycles and cyclists.

This is so that the City of London Corporation can carry out essential maintenance work on the bridge.

Expect queues when crossing the river using Blackfriars Bridge or Tower Bridge. Delays are also expected on roads in the surrounding area.

Travel outside of peak times and use alternative river crossings, including Vauxhall, Westminster and Lambeth bridges for a quicker and easier journey.

For more information, visit

Jeez, you been reading The Sun or something with that headline? :slight_smile: Sensationalist!

I’d need read that lying waste of paper resources!!
But yes it’s a clickbait title :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’m guessing it’ll eventually fall down if it doesn’t get regular maintenance :grin:

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You mean, after the viralpocolypse?

Seems to me that the buses and taxis are pretty much most of the traffic crossing London Bridge. So I Googled ‘London Bridge’ images expecting to see endless queues of buses and taxis crossing the bridge but no it wasn’t to be. The first two dozen images included just two images of London Bridge, twenty-one of Tower bridge and one of Westminster Bridge??

London Bridge traffic is no better it still churns up Tower Bridge??

Looks like they are letting motorcycles use the bridge now, hopefully not that many will be going to work at the moment.

" London Bridge - Until 31 October 2020, London Bridge is closed to general traffic (except buses, licensed taxis, motorcyclists and cyclists). Diversions are in place and there are changes to the junction either side of the bridge. Please take extra care when driving while all users, including pedestrians, get used to the new layout."