London bikers neeeded

I went to cartegena with them in november 3 days track riding in the sun .Perfect only problem is
my stamina.OVER 6 hour on track,Im only human.

Got back and booked up straight away for there almera trackday in may bank holiday.
I was the only guy from london .(london bikers need to repesent)..

It would be nice to understand what people are saying if you get my drift.

come again?:smiley:

greedy boy !!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Think there are a couple of people that have signed up for European TD’s next year, check out the ‘guaranteed warm and sunny’ thread in this forum.

6 hours on track sounds punishing, for both bike and rider…but warmer than Brands at this time of the year!

Spain is ok when its the depths of winter here (roll on 18th Feb :)) but by May the weather is plently good enough here. Plus some of us will have started the 2008 racing year.