London Biker Newb

Hi thought I’d introduce myself as the social aspect of biking has been obstructed by work, but thats changed!

Been riding two years started with Bandit 600, then the newer 650 then my current (and love of my life) Suzuki B-king.

Look foward to meeting you all!

Nearly forgot… I live in Barnet.


Hi and welcome aboard.

hello and welcome…shame about the wheely bins on rear of ya bike :D:D

Yeah! You either love them or hate them :stuck_out_tongue: . I love the look and they stay nice and cool which is handy for my luggage. wish they did a little more. I’m gonna admit defeat and change them when I can afford it.

a nice set of 4 pipe ends like the MV has would look the dogs danglies on that and would tidy up the back end a treat, others will think different i suppose :slight_smile:

I had a look at the more popular stuff on offer but it doesn’t float my boat, like the yoshis, two bros and the microns.

Ixil do some cheeky triples but they’re like rocking horse **** because they discontinued them.

I want to tidy the back end but wanted to wait till I had pipes sorted, that’ll effect which tidy gets used.

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley: