London based irony

I was going down Battersea Rise last night in the direction of Wandsworth, and stopped at the lights at the bottom of the hill. I looked right, and noticed a nice building with a placque reading ‘Temperance Billiard Hall’. Then I looked down, and noticed that the building was now a bar… :stuck_out_tongue:

Your go…

This is littered with lack of detail, but…

“Someone” on a “Who Do You think You Are” discovered that their grandfather had been a head teacher at a Board School and a leading light in the local temperance society and raised enough money to build a temperance hall. Now a Weatherspoons.

A “sea men’s mission hall” in Brittany that was now the local union headquarters for agricultural workers.

A pub in rural Kent / Sussex that’s a Chinese take away. Still with (modified) pub sign.

Within a couple of hundred metres of where I live is an ex Metropolitan Police station that’s now a Nepalese restaurant. Still says “Metropolitan Police” in the stone lintol over the door.

Only humans that notice the irony. The buildings just soldier on.


There hardly ironic are they?

its not a building, but how about this ? :slight_smile:

I thought he misread it to read…iconic.