Locksmiths advice please

This post has got nothing to do with biking I’m afraid but as you seem all very helpful on here, I thought I would try. A friend of mine has lost her house keys and no one else has a spare set (stupid I know). Could anyone recommend a good, professional and reliable locksmith that she could call and who could open the door for her? She doesn’t mind if they break the locks (and replace them) as long as they don’t damage the door. She lives in the Hammersmith / Fulham area.


save some cash and pop off the beading (usually only held on by a coupla nails) around a window pane, chip away any putty and pop the glass pane out. bob’s yer uncle your in. Only if she has the type of wooden beaded frames though. For some of the modern double glazed jobs there is a way of opening them with a knotted bootlace.