Loads of praise - MJK Leathers Flitwick

For those of us who are vertically and in some cases horizontally challenged, MJK have done an excellent job in custom making my second set of leathers so the fit is spot on. The first set was done to spec so I went back and asked them for the second set. They have a variety of designs and you can pick any colour you want. So with the amount of bumps and scrapes I will be getting into this new year and possibly in the next few days, my leathers have been gotten in the nick of time.

The chap who runs the shop has been riding for 30 years so knows his stuff!!

They also dont try to take all your life savings away from you and are very affordable

How affordable ?

I have been looking on fleabay but need something thats gonna fit me for next year! I would dearly love to give up on the madness which is my current diet and continue happily being a fat biker

I’d also be intersted in knowing how much.

Well I got a matching jacket and trousers made all with armour, but no back protector as I have just bought a Dainese one that fits, plus the leathers are going to be in the colours I want

They fit perfectly especially as I am quite small boned and ahem short, the jacket was £363, whilst the trousers were £247.85. Plus I paid in installments… first a deposit then when the jacket was ready, the full amount, then when the trousers were ready, the full amount too.

I am quite fussy so would spend 3 hrs on a Sat trying to decide what I wanted, in what colour and style and they were really patient and offered me tea and just discussed the pros and cons of my decisions.

VAT included in all the above prices.

I also had a suit that had the separate zip thingies made so it could become a track suit (like I am ever going to go on a track :laugh and that cost me about £800ish but I did not want any of the humps as I am not a desert animal. I think it was called the Monza (design)


Thats great news.

I remember when you were asking where to get, god, must be six months ago now.

The thing is with MJK is you can take away a design form and design your own at your leisure as I did. 5 years down the line and am still really happy with them. Cant recommend enough.

Will be back over there sometime in the new year to have another set made but this time will be a one piece racing suit.

The chap who runs it really does know his stuff as you say, his name is Graham Falke.

Yeah Graham is cool isnt he. He is also really patient especially considering that one day it took me three hours to decide on a colour scheme. He must think I am homeless or something