Livorno to London in 2 days...

Not sure if i am being a little over ambitious about this… :w00t:

According to RAC it’s a 930 mile trip taking over 20 hours if you are unlucky with traffic. :crazy: I’d give yourself a third day, either that or you’re going to have to be riding for 10 hours a day solid.

Maybe if there were 2 of you to push each other a long, but I think on your own, that is quite optimistic.

I could come pick you up if you want:):):P;)

No not really…Ride from Livorno to Nice in a day.Take the overnight Autotrain to Calais.

Take the Eurostar to Folkestone the next day.

Ride from there to the Ace.


I recon it can be done, but that`s some hard non-stop riding to do it though.

what’s the rush?

Pysically, yeah… im sure it can b done… It wont be fun though!

Take a third day, take it easier and get to the other end in one piece!

Well I’m riding from Calais to Almeria about 1,350 Miles should take me about 19 hours roughly!


Ambitious? Yes but we are talking about Alice here;)

Course you’ll do it and I’m looking forward to seeing you xxx

I dunno mate, but Ill wave at you as we head in the opposite direction! Have fun x

Errr…what you mean ambitious like someone who would pack up their life onto a new bike and ride to Italy 6 weeks after passing their test?

Know anyone like that? :wink:

Be great to see you and I’ll be around all weekend as I have Friday and Monday off of work. :smiley:

It’s not the physical, it’s the mental stuff.

Allowing for fill ups and pee breaks, that’s two twelve hour days of high concentration and sitting in a pretty fixed positon. The odd meal might also come in handy.

Of course it can be done, but are you ready for that and the mental flat spot that follows?

Last, why bother? Does it change your life is you take three days? Or four?

I can asure you Alice iS mental;):D:D

Allow for another day, or the trains as Afro suggested, tiredness is the worst for concentration.

450 miles a day is OK if the weather is perfect, have 8 hours of rain (OK worse case obviously!) and it becomes a bit of a nightmare.

My brother road from St Nicolas Du Pelem in Brittany to Lincoln last Friday (via Calais), some 650 miles in one day. He has a Virago 1100 cruiser.

It poss for sure. I’d head to Dijon or Reims to stop for the night then hack it in the morning. Riding when tired is exhausting/dangerous. I found the faster I rode more I was forced to concentrate, up to a point obviously. I did Madrid to London in 12 hours last month and Antibes in 8 so depending on your bike it should be ok. Leave at daybreak and see how you do for time.

Have a safe journey back :kiss:

have fun hon - enjoy the ride! :slight_smile:

+1 Bon Voyage :cool:

Good luck and don’t forget the paracetamol! Pop one when it starts to hurt. :smiley:

kathy x