Listening to music while riding....

Ive never listened to my tunes while on the bike untill today and well…

Prodigy + Superduke = mental ride :w00t:

Oh and prodigy’s worlds on fire album with the Superdukes Akrapovics as background noise makes for awesome listening :cool:

hehe - was listening to a random playlist via my Satnav and ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ came on - I lost the Tomtom!

I once had to stop riding and turn off the music after my MP3 player selected the album Slayer - Reign In Blood for a technical twisty section and I lost the ability to judge corner speed due to thrash metal drumming :smiley:

Welcome to the dark side :smiley:

Your a bad influence silveR6 :w00t: I like it :wink:

That’s a good one to listen to while filtering.

I had one of Life’s perfect moments when Nero - My Eyes came on as I was working through a section of twisties on a Jetstream rideout last year. The weather was absolute blazing sunshine and the tyres and bike were at optimum temperature. That was the most dialled in I’d ever felt up till then. It was a good feeling.

And obviously Madonna on the motorway. That goes without saying.

+1 for anything Prodigy, inc. the early stuff but particularly Smack/Bitch and also Diesel Power. AC/DC (Thunderstuck e.g.) can get you into trouble. Also, Encore une fois by Sash will subconsciously open your throttle for you without you even knowing it…

Stick on a bit of Sepultura, you’ll be flying! :smiley:

People must think I’m mental when I’m riding. Head banging like **** to the likes of Prodigy and Neelix.

yeah AC/DC is a real kick. and the prodigy. thats what i usually have to have on when i’m ‘following’ Matt :wink:

must try sepultura. foo fighters work quite well too.

Always used to listen to music when I drove a car years ago - but on a bike - never.

Just don’t feel the need on a bike - I think music would bugger up my concentration on a bike.

I found it improves my concentration… it’s weird but before all I could think about was worrying about engine noises, rattles and the like… when I have music on I forget all of those and just concentrate on the road.

Of course it does mean if my engine decides to leave the bike I’ll only know about it once I’ve hit the deck :smiley:

Makes sense to me… I have always done all my own spannering and spraying, so I have to wear a helmet liner to prevent getting paranoid about a ‘new’ noise and completely losing concentration. My bike always sounds great through an extra layer of material. :hehe:

With regards to music on a bike I just don’t get it - the bike + environment for me is providing enough stimulation in the form of sound, vision and physical input/output to make the need for further stimulation redundant.

This is not a romantic riff on riding a bike - it’s just a question of the amount of information you are processing when riding a bike fast on a country road - or fast through rush hour traffic. For me music would tip things towards over stimulation - which you don’t want on a bike because you are already processing so much input.

I totally get why you would want to listen to music in a car - or maybe cruising along on a Goldwing.

I aint found the headphones yet that can fit inside a helmet and deliver the sound quality to make music worth listening to on a bike . When you can only hear half the music it is just frustrating .

My cheapo Philips ones I have work a treat but I have to wear a balaclava to keep them in place :wink:

I suffer from closet audiophile symptoms . Many many years of at home Linn Hi-Fi delivered sound means anything you can go to a dixons and buy sounds like total shite . Its like someone has replaced the high class hooker and given you a blow up doll to finish off on .

I wear “in ear” noise cancelling ones good upto 100mph over the water of course, cant beat Guns n Roses, AC/DC or any metal whilst thrapping across Europe

love the prodigy in my helmet, voodoo people is pretty mental. its all about trance tho folks - whack it up loud!!!