lions tour...

…oh dear :smiley:

never mind, theres always next year :stuck_out_tongue:

54 meter kick in the last two minutes!!! bloody hell!

think you’ll find that’s in 4 years.

they gave it a good crack today though…

might be good if you edit post title to include spoiler*

ahh true lol, and they did, tho I didnt watch it. Wish I did it was all the way to the end

However, on a less covered front… :smiley:

Jun 24th British Army 42 - South Africa A 22

So, not exactly a bad day out for the British Army, eh? :smiley: :wink:

It does help when the full back is in a trench with a LSW! :smiley:

For those that missed the game:

That last Saffa try was well in touch. We was robbed:P

Welcome to the realm of rugby in the southern hemisphere. SA cheating and filth ( the stuff that was cited is the tip of the ice berg ) and a French referee who hasnt got a flaming clue about the magnitude of a descision in a game like that.

Still we showed them that the Lions were a much better team, they didnt have anythign like the pressure and looked pretty fallable. Doubt SA will win the Tri nations somehow .

Ha ha ha, I see you are taking the loss graciously:w00t: 2-0 - I guess that happens when you send a bunch of part timers to play the world champions :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me just get my really really small violin out for the lions (or should that be cutsie ickle pussy cats!!!).

Also, can we just confirm who are the WORLD CHAMPS ???


Fantastic! I remember what it was like to have a team who are world champions! :cool:We also managed to defend it all the way to the final! :wink: Let’s see you lot do the same! :stuck_out_tongue:

We gave it a good crack, i reckon the best team won both tests. No shame in running the world champions so close considering the Lions only trained and pLayed together for a few weeks.

well I wished I could have watch the game just to see the 54metre kick. Cheating? I seem to remember englands had its fair share of underhand playing so :P. Apparently it was a brilliant game, much better than the first. They both ran it to the end. And well done to the military boys. :slight_smile: “hier kom die bokkas hier kom die bokkas!” :smiley:

cheers danny boy, just watched a bit. awesome kick.