Hi guys n gals,ive got a 6 rr & i need some advice on the lights.

as you know only one light is on until you have the high beam on. is there any way i can change this so that both come on coz i dont like riding with one eye closed…:smiley:


Change the one dipped bulb for an HID bulb from

Makes a huge difference.

I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time now. How easy is it to install for someone with no wiring skills?

It’s very easy, there are two spade connectors which plug into the headlight connector - put a little tape around them to secure them then find a location to put the ballast. That’s a box about the size of two packs of cigarettes, mine fitted inside the fairing between the inner and outer panels. Very easy.

They also have a helpline if you get stuck but it’s so easy I can’t imagine they get many calls.

do you still retain the function to high beam

its only the low beam bulb that you would be changing to the high beam should be normal. still you’ll be riding with one eye out.

You can also fit R6 projector beam units with minimum fuss. Looks well shexy;):smiley: