Light bulbs

Hi all,

I need to change headlight light bulbs, can you suggest any particular make and model?

Looking forward to see all the suggestions.


I’ve never really bothered and just bought the first H4 I’ve come across. Someone (philips?) does have an expensive option that claims to be brighter than normal.

I want to be visible as well as have nice lidup road at front of me.

I’m torn between Osram Night Breaker, Bosh Pure Light and Philips X-treme Power. I’m sure some of you put more thoughts, especially one who tour around.


Yep, need a better bulb. The force isn’t so strong with me anymore and the birthday candle on the front of the bike doesn’t cut it either…

Recommendations welcome!

the triumph has Philips X-treme Power fitted they work a treat for me & I was told not to fit HID to the triumph as they can damage the reflector

You mentioned the “white” bulb last night at BM, but I couldn’t remember the manufacturer. I’ll get some ordered.

But what colour of light I will get from this one?
I want it to match my bike colour as well.


if you wanna try I have a spare bulb & they come in pairs you haven’t linked your lights up yet!

I never looked im to busy looking out for totty

You’ve twin headlamps so they’re probably H7’s

Of the Halogan bulbs Osrams Night Breaker came out tops at a MCN comparison but that aside I’ve just ordered a

Xenon 35W H7 4,300k (pure white) conversion kit off fleabay

For my diffused dipped beam, read somewhere its not a good idea for the main beams since the bulbs blow if you flash them.

10,000K = Deep blue (less visible light more colour)
8,000K = Aqua blue
6,000K = Bright-white slight blue tint
4,300= Pure white (peak light output)

I buy cheap H7 100w bulbs off Ebay.

Cheapest I’ve seen H7’s is on Euro Car Parts £1.38 each inter webby didgeridoo dah