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Saw these posted on another site.

Los Angeles in 1949

Booze Fighters MC in the lead


Three Point MC

Indian Vertical Twin

SO. Cal. MC

Speedway bikes with an inverted negative

More speedway

Tattoos and tramps

Biker Chickie

group of chicks

Big Air AJS

Chuck and his fender fluff

Chuck should think about some eye protection

Hollywood MC (notice trailered bike)


Curves with HMC

Dirt of Glory

Climb the Hill

Proud of Racer Pop

Powder Puff Race

Excelsior Thumper


Straight Outta Compton

Some amazing pic’s there. Funny how we’ve all eveolved in the last 60 years! :wink:

great images, cheers for sharing those Afro

Those were brilliant - cheers for posting! :slight_smile:

so cool

Grreat pictures. Love that indian

Wicked pictures, love them, a nice look back to how things used to be :slight_smile:

The pics are brill. Loving the speedway! :stuck_out_tongue: