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Life after VFR800F

My 2019 VFR has not filled me with as much JOY that I wanted - looking for similar but what will it be - what would YOU SUGGEST?


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Kawasaki Z1000SX or the new Suzuki looky-likey version of it?

Similar idea but with a bit more oomph.

Or the Ninja H2 SX if you want a lot more oomph.

Yeah, get a Z1000SX if you want a sports tourer.

I would wager that the new Suzuki GSX-S1000GT would be more fun. That engine… Based on the legendary GSX-R 1000 K5 - it’s something else! I’d seriously consider it.

both the z1000SX and the new GSXS1000GT have been suggested by others - what do you think of the Supersport 950 from Ducati or the Multistrada 950?

The Supersport 950 is a lovely bike and it has turned my head. But it has just a 16 litre tank. If you want to tour two up , I think you need to change seats. But am not certain. I have no idea regarding the Multistrada. I haven’t sat on the Kwack or the Suzuki yet. But they seems fantastic. Pity there doesn’t seem to be a centre stand for the Kwack.The Suzuki looks interesting and I believe it has or can have a centre stand.Which is lovely for maintaining the chain etc.

So what do you want from a bike to give you joy? Might be that more performance isn’t what you need.

More comfort? Luggage capacity? Adventures? Holidays? Ride outs?

Let us know

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What do I want? I want everything!
I want a bike that gathers looks without scrott attention, I want something looks great - something which runs smoothly and sounds great. I want something which is reliable in all weathers, I want something capable of attached luggage. I want something which shields me from wind and weather. I want something that gives me a certain performance both on mountain and country road as well as motorways. I don’t want an adventure bike I don’t want ANYthing with wire spokes!

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ONE up

If you want to ride with me you need a bike of your own

Consider the Yamaha FJR1300.

Actually, go test ride a super sport bike. You may actually want the performance that only a ZX-10R or Fireblade or an R1 can give. At least by trying those bikes, you can negate them from your shopping list and work down to something like an FJR or a ZX1000SX.

R1 and Fireblade def out I am not that flexible and at 1m96 not really practical

I guess I might get an idea or two at Excel on the 11th feb

Fixed it for you acemAn. A Super Sports bike won’t tick half his boxes, I’ve never understood why anyone would want a sports bike for the road.

Start looking at the 1000+ cc sports tourers.

You’ll still find corners cut in development and for a proper long distance riding you may want to upgrade the seat and wind shield. The Yamaha FJR1300 is a good call, it can be a little thirsty which is why I’m still on The 250 with its 55+ mpg’s

What about the 1290 Super Duke GT or 1290 Super Adventure S?

price issues

but I was looking

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