Lidl coolant tester

Check the specific gravity and likely efficiency of your engine coolant with an Engine Coolant Tester for £1.49 at a Lidl store near you. Its a simple plastic pipette with a float graduated in 10° increments from -10°C to -40°C. They also have a Screen wash version graduated from 0°C to -30°C, probably not so critical since the screenwash reservoir gets topped up so much more frequently but there if you fancy it.

Well done Lidl’s

Hydrometer? 50p cheaper than halfrauds, so not worth the extra miles to nearest Lidl for me.

I have neither screenwash nor coolant, but thanks for the heads up. My mate might be interested.

are those things needed for UK weather?

@Wildboy - exactly what I’ve thought. Winter here is a joke

Well if you only have water in your coolant system and have a very cold night, you could end up with a split radiator or worse a cracked engine block.

On the basis my engine is oil-cooled, water in my coolant would be a very bad thing, kevsta…

First it’s too cold, now it’s too hot! Bloody spaniards, coming over here, criticising our weather…