Lidl clothing again!

Being a tight old git with very limited income, I kind of keep an eye open for bargains, so I’m a great fan of Lidl/Aldi events.

Starting Monday the 5th cycling gloves are on offer at £3.99/pair. Cycling gloves? WTF?

Hold on! Last winter I used a pair of these under an old, well stretched but sound pair of Spa Enforcer gloves (another bargain) and had warm hands even after two hour in the snow.

Winter is not a mile away. Your choice.

(Oh, for those that knock Lidl/Aldi cheap as chips clothing, my m/c trousers are still watertight after 5 years (£50?) and the thermal vests (£5?) get hardly any use as they are too warm for an English winter.)

cheers for the tip on the cycling gloves, i’ll have a look tomorrow :wink:
i have thermals from them too, they’re really good.