Lidl are doing their Ratchet Straps-n-stuff again...

LiDL are doing their Ratchet Straps-n-stuff again. I didnt buy any last time cause I thought they’d be rarbbeeesh. But my m8 bought’em they seem fine!

your not the only one that thought they would be rubbish, the sun’s very own motorcycling corespondent (cant ever remember her name) did the routine test on some of lidls gear when they started selling a few years back, and what started a a bit of a joke soon proved to be very sturdy and of good quality too.

so yes we know lidl is a bit naff in name, but great in pocket it seems.

They do some good stuff and there’s even something for Kev…

got a tank bag from Lidl 2 years ago and it’s held up to pretty much everyday use. It was £17.99, when all the others I looked at were £60 plus…

I got a water proof over suit about 18 months ago for £1.50… its brilliant! Not very ‘trendy’ looking but does the job! :slight_smile:

just had their email through and motorbike week is from Monday next week, products available as per this link:

Interesting. I hope I can get there in time to pick a few things up… Any idea how relaiable those flip face helpmets are? I broke the clips on my currrent one and may get one of those as a replacement… ??

obv the lids are TUV approved and kitemarked etc BUT I’d not put my head in a £35 helmet and expect it to protect me.

The good manufacturers might cost more, but i know they spend money on research, development and testing so make their product better.
I’d buy anything else from Lidl, but not a lid. just my 2p…

2p was worth while. Reinforced my concerns… I am planning on selling my bike soon anyway so maybe I will just do with the broken clips on the one I have now… :slight_smile:
Thanks mate…

Christ – can’t believe I’m actually looking at the stuff thinking

“That’s not bad for the price, fairly good looking to”.

Send for the men in white jackets………. Now if I can only find the time to nip in on the way home ………:wink:

Used these ratchet straps to take 5 bikes up to cadwell at the weekend, good quality ratchets, bikes were held solid for the whole 3 hour journey, would recommend them for sure :slight_smile: