Lid/Custom Paint

This is the work I had done by a fella that “Trojan” recommended to me after I saw the work that he had done to his Lid.

Heres the finished artical.

Cheers Baz !!





Very smart

Thats pretty smart, I like it.

good job fella

Made a nice job of it, looks pukka m8

nice man, whats the prices?

that looks the dogs mate! do you mind saying how much??

top notch … thts a pugger looking lid

Damn, man…that looks the business for SURE!!

We’ve all been left with a big case of lid envy now.

Great looking lid mate.

How much does it cost to have a paint job on a lid.

nice mate! - my girls sketch went for the checked flag hitting the lid thing too

but you’re safe as it is going to feature enough pink that no-one will mix 'em up!

Nice one Barro,

Bloke’s done a top job.

Hope to see ya soon out with the new lid and the new livery on your bike!

Looks fantastic mate, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.

As for those wanting to know the price, well it depends on what you want doing. If you have an idea then just e-mail Mike Preston on the details given on his site, it will not be as bad as you think and there is two very happy customers of his on here and I think a couple more LB’ers have contacted him too.

That’s a top lid spray…

If if it’s not stupid, I’d definatly get mine done

Actually, I reckon I might have my next lid sprayed. I’ve been looking for a Shoei but can’t find a designb I want - this is the answer

what site??

Very Nice Barro

But just a tip…

Our very own “M9” (Mikey) Mentioned to me that he,s thinking about doing Paintwork on Lids and he was sporting a very very nice example at the Ace the other week !!

That lid looks the nuts mate…

Makes me want to get my next one done now!

Well if he wants to do another trial/promotion lid i’m sur i’ve got one or two spare lids for him to practice on (they don’t fit me - then he can post pic’s on some websites) and maybe sort me out with a paint job of my own???

What do ya say M9???

looks like he does a very good job but there is only one place to get a lid sprayed and its rich art concepts the guy has 38 bsb/wsb/motogp riders lid contracts he also designed so colours schems for shoei and arai as in designs for RUTTER, RICHARDS, SMART, REYNOLDS, HARRIS. and will shortly be starting my one off job ill update you on complition cheek out his website its