License confusion

Hmm so I have my full motorbike license since god knows some point last year. I’ now looking at getting my car license but can i drive a car under instruction with my bike license or do i need another provisional? Also i’m assuming that i need to do the car theory test as it’s slightly different to the bike one. I drove state side for about 5 years so i only need a little refreshing any suggestions as to the best place to go in the NW area?

If it’s NW London, you’ll probably do your test at Hendon. You definitely need to do a seperate therory test for the car and bike (money grabbing ba****ds!)

I dont know if you’r motorbike licence gives you provisional entitlement for a car, it should say on your licence.

Your UK bike licence will tell you if you are entitled to drive a car in the UK under provisional terms.

look on DVLA website, if you have a US licence, it might be transferable??? Polish ones currently seem to be on a permanent basis.

Unfortunatly the American one can’t be changed over. Probably due to there poor driving standards because if i had a Canadian one it would be fine. Also the DVLA only states information regarding going from a car to bike not vice versa.

In that case you will probably need a separate provisional licence for the car. Once passed it will get added to your bike licence.

You will have to do the theory test too as shewolf said.