Lexham insurance won't pay if keys are stolen

I’ve just had a call back from Lexham insurance, after their website would not give a quote last night.

Going through all the questions and answers with Magda, she tells me that the insurer won’t pay out if the keys are left in the bike of if they are stolen. I can understand the former, but asked about the latter. She then said that if the keys are stolen, I have to report it and change the locks else the insurer won’t pay out. To my understanding, most insurance companies would pay for the replacement locks, but apparently not Lexham. I then asked “But what if I’m robbed? If the keys are stolen from me and the bike is taken at the same time?” thinking about a possible bike-jacking. She said that I would not be covered for this. At that point, I said there’s no point in carrying on with the quotation, and terminated the call.

Whilst I may be a little bit more able-bodied to defend myself that most riders, I’m not going to try my chop socky out on a gang of moped muggers that are usually armed with claw hammers, machetes and bottles of acid.

I’m now left wondering if Magda did not understand me, and the difference between theft and robbery. I’m going to call Lexham back after I’ve posted this up, and see what their say.

Lexham are just a broker nothing more. They are not insuring you someone else is. So it is that particular insurance company saying this not lexham as I was not told the same thing when i renewed about 2 wks ago.

I was read the riot act over bike security, several times. When i asked why he kept repeating it, he said because he has been told they have too.

interestingly i can leave the steering lock off as long as i have 2 other forms of security…

I got a call back from Amada, an manager. She said that if keys are stolen, it needs to be reported to them and the police as soon as practical. Most importantly, she said that if the keys are robbed or it is a bike jacking, that the insurance would cover it. The manager said that Magda did not explain things clearly and that extra training is required for her.

I then asked to proceed with the quotation, and at the end, they said none of their panel of insurers would take me on because of the bike I ride and being based in London.


I’m increasingly hearing this. Just when I’m getting old enough to afford insuring a nice bike, the scrotes are trying to kill that option.