Lexham insurance any good?

Hi all,

I’m renewing my insurance and the best quote came through from someone called ‘Scooters and Bikes’ which is apparently Lexham Insurance.
I’ve not heard of them before- found a bunch of good reviews for them but never sure about online reviews being genuine.
Anyone with them?
Any good?


I’ve been with Lexham the last 4 years, not had a claim but for me they are well priced. I think KTM Martin is/was with them too, he suggested I check them out as I was struggling to get a quote that didn’t involve promising them my first born. :slight_smile:

Cheers nivag, good to know.

Yes I’m still suffering from the ‘new rider’ pricing and the choice is between MCE who have a minimum of £1050 excess, no European cover and breakdown cover I don’t want as I have AA already, or Lexham who are cheaper, give me European cover, don’t force me to take their breakdown cover.
Everyone else is over a grand so I guess I’ll give them a go.

Do you know if you can add in ‘riding other bikes’ on your policy if you call them?
I’ll give them a bell tomorrow and ask but thought I’d ask anyway.

Yup I’ve got riding other bikes, also one of mine is heavily modded and got it all listed without an issue.
It does have compulsory additional lock needed on the bike, even in the garage. But that’s just a disc lock. I use others, just don’t have them listed as it made no difference to my quote.

A pair of nobblies count as heavily modded :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers, this is good to know.

Just spoke to them- seems that for ‘open wheeled bike’ a disk lock isn’t sufficient.
If you can use a D lock, U lock or an armoured chain then that is the minimum requirement now.
A disc lock is only ok if you can’t get a chain or D/U lock through the wheel.

Bit of a pain as I need to go buy one and then find a place to keep it in the bike but they were significantly cheaper than anyone else so I can’t complain too much.

Yeah, open wheeled is spokes… Don’t ask why, they can’t give you a decent answer either lol
But it’s not too much of a hassle and not a bad request considering how many bikes get stolen.

Hmmm… so I have a Street Triple with cast wheels- does this mean I can use a dick lock or do I have to use a D lock?

Edit: spoke to them- they are saying an open wheeled bike is not a spoked bike- so I have to use a U/D lock or an armoured chain.

That and the stickers :wink:

Hmmm, I thought it was the other way around - I’ll see if I can find the email.

Nope, I’ve spoken to three people now and they all confirm the same- if you can get a U lock through the wheel then that is required, rather than the disc lock, which they perceive as less secure.

That said I did say to them
‘Listen, I don’t have anywhere on my bike to store a U lock and my disk lock is Thatcham rated and arguably more secure than some types of U lock.
Either I need something in writing that says I can use my disc lock in place of a U lock otherwise I need to cancel the policy and go to a different insurer’.

They needed an hour to get back to me about it but they agreed that I can use a disk lock in place of a U lock and they are issuing me written conformation of this.
Hopefully it never becomes an issue and I never need to claim but they did seem to be agreeable to it and understood my position.
I also pointed out that many bikes don’t have a place to store a U lock so people will be riding around with them in backpacks- something I won’t do because if I come off and land on my back the last thing I want is a kg or so of metal to land on.
They also acknowledged that isn’t an ideal scenario either.

This is Lexham acting as a broker for Axa Insurance fwiw.

I was with Lexham as my first bike came with free insurance for a year and Lexham were the broker appointed by Yamaha to arrange it - a few years in they treated me very badly at renewal, gave incorrect information to the underwiter who then cancelled the policy when they realised Lexham had given them duff information.

Also, if you have a claim Lexham want nothing to do with it, they send you to the underwriter and won’t help.

There’s an element of all insurers are as bad as each other, but I won’t use them again

All insurers are great when they are signing you up, but not so great when you want money off them!!

Nivag is correct I was with them in London, they were a good price for KTMs at the time. Never claimed with them. No longer with them but would again if the price was right.