Lewis Collins



Bodie was always far cooler than Doyle.

Yeah - totally sh1t news - I loved the Professionals as a kid - I can’t believe Bodie got old and died - things like that shouldn’t happen . . . :crying:

Who Dares Wins!


still watch the professional’s on TV just love the 80’s cars

Sad - I thought he was the best of the two - but found it hard to get a lot work afterwards I hear…

Buy a silver Capri and you’ll always be asked to jump the bonnet because of him!


Yup, Bodie was a legend!

Sad day. Professionals - Capris, Triumph Stags and Pis - now I remember why I forgot about motorbikes when I left school

He was totally cool. RIP.

Sad day RIP Bodie

very sad news

Very sad news, watched Professionals as a kid. RIP Lewis…