Let There Be Light!

At last some one has released a decent replacement bulb with a scooter fitment. Well done Philips for bringing out ‘ScooterVision’ bulbs (RRP £9.99 Halogen bulb). And **** me its bright! No more candle power at night

Might have to adjust the main beam dip though…as the reflection from car rear view mirrors is blinding me!



That’s a nice idea BabyJ! Do you think they have one of those for my little Honda CD200? It’s 6v though…

wicked thats cool , i want brighter lights in my gilera, i take it u can get them from any place . e.g. halfords.

Do they come in any other colors? Blue perhaps

yeah they do… I believe you can get them from the police station :wink:

Isn’t it still illegal to show blue lights on your vehicle?

nt if ur the filth!!