Let the mick taking commence

I’ll open with, “The roundabout wasn’t signalling” :stuck_out_tongue:

I got knocked off my bike on Saturday while on a ride out with a few of the lads. A BMW decided to take the exit to my left and cut across me, cue me sliding down the road after leaving a dent in his front passenger door.

I have to say thanks to the lads out with me, all top blokes :slight_smile:

A special thanks to Jamie (nuts) for lending me bits to sort my bike out, Sony, Brian and the others (sorry I don’t know your forum names).

The bike has a few bits that make it a bit unsafe to ride at the moment, but the majority of it is cosmetic damage.

I’m quite annoyed about it (and now have the joy of Bennets claims department to come :frowning: )

I’m not hurt which is the main thing, the bike can always be fixed.
(I have spent the last few days kind of in a bit of a daze though, and my neck is a bit sore).

Sorry to hear that George, glad you’re OK. Was wondering where you’d got to, did ask at the Ace but won’t tell you what answer I got :wink: :cool:

Bennetts are not worth dealing with, log the claim through them then speak directly to your insurance company, Bennetts won’t do a thing for you, complete waste of time, oxygen and dog food.

Oh dear… hehe

no glad you are ok really mate, hope ya not too bruised?

As long as you are OK George, thats the main thing:)

I’m happy to hear that you ok.

sorry to hear m8.

weirdly i have a similar story, sunday coming around jamaica rd/roth tunnel roundabout, i was coming from rotherhithe was gonna go down jamaica rd and a bmw decides not to stop at the junction from the left luckily i controlled it and missed him. he stopped right in the middle of the road which made it worse had he put his foot down more he would have got by anayway.

I don’t understand why people would take the mick!!! The main thing is that you’re ok :smiley: albeit a sore neck

So glad you’re ok hun. Could have been worse. Some drivers really do beggar belief. Hope you get the bike fixed up soon (or go with the other option we discussed!!)

Did you get it sorted George? You can’t be one of the old shitter crew if you haven’t binned it at least once. Its a learning experience.

smiled club member no.008?:smiley:

glad ur ok dude…rest up bruvva!!!


Sorry to hear this mate!

I think I saw you yesterday riding up Gunnersbury lane on your bothers bike and thought it was weird.
Unfortunately it makes sense now…

glad your ok tho and hope the Hornet gets fixed soon!

Glad you are ok, as they say, bike can be fixed…always makes you think when something like that happens, we all take that odd chance on our bikes and when you read something like this it kinda pulls you up…some of the crazy stunts i saw on bank hol monday looked ok at the time but then i read this and thought…“damn…what would have happened if…”

Hope you get it all sorted out soon and your necks not too sore :slight_smile:

go one George chuck in the RR engine while you’re fixing it!:smiley:

bummer…dont make it a habit though…as some people seem to do…:Whistling:

Oh George not your lovely gold hornet!!:w00t: you starting to collect battle scars or what lol, glad it was’nt worse and you only got a sore neck…hope someone rubs it better for ya luvvie:D

Sorry to hear about the off, mate, but really glad to hear you’re OK.

Has anyone looked at your neck yet? Where there’s pain and blame, there’s a claim!

Unlucky mate, at least you are OK, the bike will bounce back, dont worry about that :slight_smile:

We all bin it once in a while, just dont try and overtake smiled in the count :slight_smile:

George! :frowning: Sucks dude, but at least you’re in one piece! Wishing your bike better soon!

Welcome to the club mate :wink:
Glad you’re OK and hope the bike’s sorted soon.

As a fellow “binner” at the w/e commiserations. My insurance experience has been OK so far - Good Luck.