Legality of filming whilst riding?

Ok, I just got me a camcorder set up on my tank/rear wheel, where do I stand if I get pulled over, whilst not speeding and they see my camcorder set up on the tank.
Could they confiscate it and use any video footage to incriminate me for speeding?

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I’d have thought so. That’s why my OBV setups were always hidden and only visible upon VERY close inspection. That reminds me, time to get the camera setup for Monday. Perhaps one of our legally enlightened members can help clarify this. Personally I wouldn’t risk it.

I’ll stick to the rear facing one then, they can’t judge speed by that surely?


Yeah they can, it’s a simple time over distance calculation.

Not allowed, due to sumfink like human rights.

An old mate who’s in the TVP said a while ago that they are not allowed to confiscate your tape as evidence blah blah blah.

Have got loads of forward facin c/w rev counter/speedo footage, some at naughty speeds.

Hopefully Darryl or Porkscratchin could clarify on this as is still a worry.


This won’t be an issue I’m likely to face in the near future as my new setup has totally fuct my camcorder, won’t even switch on now

Guess I should have got a Harley! It seems the vibration has killed it

Oh well, back to the shops for a warranty refund

The video may be looked at if you have committed offences, but if your just tugged and have done nothing wrong there is no power to sieze it…

so film away but don’t get caught doing silly buggers…because THEN you give the power for siezure.

And of course the police wouldn’t seize the tape for a fishing expedition as that would be illegal Sometimes you are just so funny.

so if I was pulled for having a tinted visor or a loud exhaust they could sieze my camcorder?

Surely not?


From what I recall from seeing it on the news at the time, it was just a routine pipes & plates / ‘we’ve had bikers die playing on this road recently so ride carefully sonny’ type of check point, they hadn’t actually pulled him for speeding.

ISTR some bloke on a blade getting done similarly, but I think he’d had an accident & plod just happened to come along a couple of minutes later & spot the camera.


IMO, unless you have a bullet cam and can put the recording equipment out of sight I’d not risk the chance of getting in a lot of trouble. Bullet cams are around £100 and the recording goods around £250-£300. If you put that against the ban and fine for having your goods in sight when being pulled over then it is a cheaper way

I’m taking my stuff to the ring soon and hope to use a good 6-7 tapes

Get in touch soon mate, am tryin to develope cam mount to suit your bike. have had success so far with my bike as you can see in pics n video forum. mount bolts onto tank and so far no vibes affect the cam on my bike but need a k4, 5 or 6 to get template off.

Best thing to do is make sure that if you are riding on the road the speedo can not be seen from the camcorder. On the track, its no problem.

Still best to get covert bullet cameras, that way people dont play up for the camera as they don’t realise that its running.

There are hardly any traffic cars/ bikes on the roads now thanks to the money saving (and money generating) electronic spy and entrapment equipment our local constabularies use these days. I could cound the number of times I’ve seen traffic cops on rideouts on one hand. If you get stopped, either format the memory card quickly before they get out of their car, or drop the tape on the floor and stand on it if you are unlucky enough to be stopped for doing something naughty whilst filming

“Use with caution” is the order of the day, don’t be your own judge jury and executioner.

If you use bullet cams, fix them to the bike rather than the lid - they are a bit “Blair Witch Project” and make me want to chunder, we can also see who you are letching at while you’re riding

Message for Niceday as well as anyone else going ring bound.

Be careful if recording on the ring as it is banned. My cameras last year were not spotted by the powers that be but they had the car next to me who had a bullet camera in the front valance. Made him pay for the lap but kicked him straight off. It was not easy to spot either.

I was pulled over in 2004 with my video camera on my tank. It was a spot check set up by Sussex Police, wasnt pulled over for an offence. The officer saw the camera and just said “nice day for it”

I now have a bullet camera, if I am going out for a “naughty” ride or on the track the bullet camera is wired under the front fairing (out of sight) and the actual video camera is put in a small givi tank bag, this seems like the best thing to do for your Nurburgring trip.

I bought the following tank camera mount from eBay and it’s fantastic for recording things like drag racing, it is so secure, much better than those suction mounted devices I’ve seen.