Legal Stuff: Motorised Scooters?

I was just wondering if anyone know anything about Motorised scooters such as tehse ones:|+Goped+Sport+-+Blue.htm

I was just debating if I cam minimise my travel cost by getting a cheaper travel card into London then using one of these. And yes motorbike is cool but I am about 25 min from Liverpool street and… not sure motorbike can beat the train anymore.

Since I have a full motorbike license… I assume I am more than qualified to sue one of these, but what about the rest? MOT, Road TAX, Safety Clothes, do I need to wear a motorbike helm? I assume no pavement usage at all unless holding it and not riding, or maybe just riding it whilst pushed by my own force as in the motor is off?

Any help much appreciate it.

43cc, 30mph max: Moped rules must surely apply, and I can’t see how you can fit proper lights, plates etc.

Really, I just wouldn’t. Better off getting a 2nd-hand moped if you have to.

might just get a folding push one… or a bike but I don’t wanna take space in the Train with a bike. Scooter I can just stick up on teh baggae holder.

The first one was 22cc going max speed 20mph… wonder what the law is for that

i’d push scooter it. not issues with any laws, helmets, or any jobsworth PCSO’s or coppers.

Save you loads of time, cheap, bit of physical activity too plus you can look super cool with some shades on >>>>>>> :cool:

My understanding is that if it goes over 8mph the full road-legal stuff applies, and it would be illegal to use these on the pavement.

this is what I dont get…I can ride a bicycle which can easily got 15-20mph but I cant ride a goped limited to 20mph ?

Australia and the US (most states) you can use them but not here.

Sometimes you get the feeling that they want to outlaw fun

I think it’d technically still be a moped and needs the whole works Numberplate tax insurance etc.

and if you push your motorcycle, it’s still a motorcycle, not a push bike.

you’d be better off speaking to VOSA for the best response.

Ask Chris Eubank, he got done for using one in Brighton a few years back.

It’s not about stifling fun, it’s about accountability and responsibility.

The law in this country may be an ass but it’s mainly there to protect the innocent.

The motorised scooter will have to comply with the Vehicle (Construction and Use) Regulations and have all the trimmings that even the cheapest moped comes equipped with. (Lights, high and dipped beams, brake light, indicators, horn, illuminated number plate and so forth.)

It also needs a unique, manufacturer applied, VIN, though you can around that by getting “Single Vehicle Type Approval”. I’d like to be there when the visiting engineer get handed a scooter after seeing a whole load of kit cars that week.

Back to “accountability and responsibility”. Can someone tell me where pedal cyclists fit into that?

OK so hold on… what about the electric one? scooters and bikes with electric motors… they don’t need anything, how come?

I think I might just get myself one of these:|+Rockboard+Scooter+-+White.htm

Can you use push-scooters on pavement?