Legal action against schools....

Being reported this morning that there is a chance of some schools being prosecuted for closing " too soon" when the snow arrived…:hehe:

Who is asking for this? Surely we’d rather have the kids safe and sound at home before travel becomes difficult and perhaps dangerous?

Britain worries me sometimes;)

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

The reason most of the schools were closed is because they were worried about the legal consequences.

What happened to the trudge to school through snow and the epic snow ball battles in the playground were getting hit simultaneously by 20 snowballs at the same time was getting away lightly. Where the teachers sent you out at breaktime, regardless of how cold it was, and you came back to the classroom red from cold.

teachers cant do right for wrong, they can never win but they do have a duty and closing in the absence of good reason is wrong.

In my school we had a coal burning fire and on really cold days it wouldnt for some reasons fire up, so we had to stay in our coats or go out to play…but there was no chance of it being closed…

This country is completely off kilter and we dont know how to resolve it although the gutter press dont help…

its the legal enviroment we live in, everybody is falling over backwards to avoid risk, and institutions like schools have no feeling of responsibility other than to themselves.They close at the first sign of snow for “health and safety” reasons, and send the kids “home” BS! they send the kids out of their sphere of responsibility! how can a school be less safe than running around on the streets and parks in cold snowy weather ? a lot of kids have no-one at home during the day to look after them, but its OK, once the school is shut its some other buggers problem ! in the old days schools didn’t have to worry about petty incidents becoming a legal shitstorm because some parent or lawyer can see a profit! the schools should have remained open because then we would know that our children were in as safe an enviroment as possible, all they do at present is pass the buck!

I do hear you on your concerns, but when do the schools close in Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, China, Japan, Norway, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria,

Honestly, it was 6 inches of Snow, not the end of bl00dy civilisation…

Just be careful when you go out in it and it won’t kill you, just like any other kind of weather. OK, avalanches are dangerous, and driving a car not suited to winter temperatures or by someone who can’t drive in the snow may also be dangerous, but for crying out loud…

Its no wonder this over-pampered pathetic excuse for a country lost its Empire… with this kind of childish “whose going to take responsibility for me cos I’m too limp to do it for myself” kind of attitude, we don’t deserve to be in charge of ourselves.

A quote from the reporter on London Tonight 2 days ago asking her "on the spot reporter a question…

“Its all very well this snow being out of control of the authorities, but surely someone has to take responsibility for this situation…”

Does that sound stupid to anyone else? But this is the prevailing attitude… whose responsible so I can blame someone else … GET A LIFE!

What thes idiots dont realise is that the money they get from taking legal action comes out of the money that would be used to give their kids an education.

Same with the NHS, cant remember the figures but the NHS paid an awful lot of money last year that could have been used to treat other people.

I love the snow I was out in it at 7am this morning in the car doing handbrake turns at 5 mph :smiley: loving it up here in Bedfordshire kids are having a massive snow balls fight out in the street.

The trouble now is if a kid falls over in the care of the school the parents will take legal action against the school bloody daft I think, its life if you wrap your kids up in cotton wool there going to find it hard in the real world.

I’ve got 2 schools down my road & they were closed and I think that was the right decision as there was no public transport and having the amount of traffic on the road that the school runs create would have caused chaos and 1000’s of insurance claims from people slipping over and crashing who dont know how to drive in a bit of snow.

I don’t think that’s the case. Most schools closed because they couldn’t be certain that sufficient teachers would get there. The problem nowadays is many teachers do not live locally.

My Wife’s school closed on Monday, but was open on Tuesday. However on Tuesday they had 30 staff and only 25 pupils turned up. Although part of the problem was the local radio screwed up the school closure announcement.

I lost 2 days wages because of the school being closed and who`s gonna re pay me what i lost.

And who forced you into having kids then?:slight_smile: