LED strip indicators

I’m currently off the bike and am using this time to pimp it a little.

My ideas at the moment are fairly simple - a tail tidy, removing the passenger pegs etc, but one mod I will need help/ advice with.

Instead of having indicators coming from the sides of my tail tidy, I thought it would be cool to have a strip of amber LEDs on the undertray (at the sides).
I’d like to attach the LEDs to the indicator circuit so that they function correctly as indys.

Does anyone know any ready-made LED strips that would suit this purpose? Or have any ideas/ suggestions?

I have included photoshopped versions of what I mean. The amber dots are the LEDs.


God I love that ass!!! :slight_smile:

Edit: sorry drooling over… please continue with actually useful posts!!!

There is some available on eBay, I used them on my old bandit 12, I’ll see if I can find a link.


4th page on the posted link, I used them as front indicators, ( the eyebrow looking things above the headlights:D)

Or if you’re brave enough drill out the plastic and use individuals, I would recommend using the ultra bright ones - saying that they only have a small viewing angle think its 40 degrees. So if your not in the line of them you might not see them all that well.

Might be worth having a search for a pre-made flush mount unit? Also you may have to change your indicator relay to regulate the flashing.

What about the built in indicators into the rear light?

They look the muts nuts and no fusing around drilling holes and angles and mess.

No chance of anyone seeing you’re indicating either if you’re also braking

Thanks for all the input!

I’ll check the link Adamh - cheers.

Terry - I’m afraid I’m not brave enough to drill holes and use individual LEDs although that would be a decent, economical solution.

Lewis - They do look good, but I’m not sure about their worth and besides, the tail tidy I should be getting doesn’t come with the right kind of rear light; cheers though.

A little more searching last night came up with these (scroll down a bit) which seem to be just the job - http://www.radiantz.com/cart/index1.html?c16.html&1

Its not that tricky if you’ve got a good template and a straight elbow. What tail tidy are you going for?

Those flexi strip leds can look pretty untidy - they are held on with tape and you’ll need to loose the cable somewhere.

Why not junk the indicators all together and use hand signals? :smiley:

Well, I’m not the best electrician and I don’t want to alter the undertray forever - knowing me, I’ll want to sell the bike at some point :wink:
AFAIK, they come with end caps. Of course, I’ll have to drill one hole to accomodate the wire for them, but it should be fairly discrete.

This is the tailtidy I’m hopefully getting:

I’ll take off the indys and use them for the front, then add the strips - well, that’s the idea.

It’d be a lot easier drilling holes for the individual LEDs rather than the strips, the strips can be a proper ball ache if your gonna mount them on the inside of the unit so just the lights are poking through?

AFAIK, they stick on, so they would be completely exposed. Check the link above for an idea of the Radiantz kit.

I could stick them to the metal subframe spar perhaps:



I think you’d be disappointed with the look if you stick them on,

On the bandit I did the drilling and then put a bit of fibreglass over the back to hold them in,

These ones on my old gixxer where drilled and held in with fibreglass aswell,

definetely worth the effort for the look rather than sticking them on, the bandit ones where hard because of the limited space within the light unit, but I think you could make it look really good on your tail unit with either individual LEDs (creating a bit more electrical work for yourself) or with the strips (needs a bit more time and effort when drilling):slight_smile:

Agree with ads, the stick on ones can look a bit shite. What about drilling in to the plastic of the tail tidy?

Well, what I mentioned to Adam was that I didn’t want to do anything completely irreversible to the bike - I’m not sure about it as it kind of reduces the resale value.
I’m lazy/ not a proper tinkerer and want to get away with the best look for the price, so if I can get something that does the job (with more than a 40º angle) and that looks okay, then I’ll go for it.
I’d probably only fk it up if I started drilling and I don’t actually have the tools here in Spain - I don’t have a proper garage where you can do stuff either, just a parking garage.

If I went for a strip, I’d still have to drill a hole, but maybe only one per side,so I think I could get away with it :wink:

I recently found this site which looks interesting - http://www.litewave.co.uk/litewave_led_bars.asp