Leather Trousers for sale

I was going through the motorcycle section on fleabay and look what I found.

They come with yellow stripes for visibility. Must have for some of you I’m sure, IF you ain’t got one already. :wink:

See ebay

Hmmm…quite fancied the leather jockstraps on their ebay shop but they’ve only got em in a size medium :wink:


I’ve always thought that allowing people to post ’ for sale ’ items that are only links to ebay was a bad idea! :wink:

Made a set like those couple of years back lol:w00t:

Bet you get asked to make all sorts of weird things in your job:w00t:

Sweet lord, those looked so much better when Christina Aguleria was wearing them ;[

I’m sure wasp could reduce them down to a small for you? no?