Leather Repairers!!!!

Can anyone reccomend anywhere good to repair my leather jacket and trousers, wel to be honest i dont think its a leather repairer i need but mainly a zip repairer as one zip on jacket and one on trouser have broken both of the on the tracks…


cheers guys!!!

PM WASP…shes brill !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll second what Blade said, she does excellent work

I have to say, i like what WASP did to your tank cover:)

I third WASP! Brilliant job on my pillion seat cover :smiley:

I had a WASP on my tank…splattered everywhere…:w00t:

I had one fly up inside my lid once… i flapped about then;):smiley:

cheers guys i will do that now!!!

is she ok with zips???

EASY TIGER !!! :stuck_out_tongue: …is the pope catholic?

:slight_smile: thought you flapped about at 30mph with the maps? (re sat nav post)…:w00t:

I flap even more with a Wasp under me helmet:w00t:

:smiley: Is it worse than a kick in the gonads?

Why would that bother you?:wink:

Zip’s…PAH! walk in the park…:wink:

Blade u would’nt want me splattered all over your luvverly bike!:w00t:

It’s worth a few quid in Superbike Mag;):smiley:

HA HA…the “gonads” was aimed at you…is a wasp in the helmet worse than a kick in the gonads…im sure youve had BOTH now youve had the wasp (not our Sam!)…WASP…think chunks has a point there girl…could earn few pence for a pic of you spread over my tank !! :hehe:

What an Idea!

How about a LB Calendar to earn some pennies for LAA?

We could have 6 boys and 6 girls:)

Now would it be Ginger or Terry for April 1st?;):smiley:

Another vote for our Wasp from me.

I recently had the zip in my jacket changed to a sturdier one and had the legs shortened on my trousers as well as my knee slider velcro patches moved. I’ll definitely be taking all my leather work to Wasp. Great workmanship at a great price :cool:

What? another year, another LB calendar? They did that last year…didnt you get one? :w00t:

Been there and done that, lol. Not sure if there’s another one in the pipeline for 2008.