Leather Repair Recommendations

Any suggestions for leather repairs? Sam Wasp used to be the goto person but I’m not sure if she is around any more.

So just for context, reading a few other threads I took the plunge and put my one piece leathers in the washing machine. They came out absolutely pristine so it seemed like a great idea overall however, the titanium sliders on the knees and shoulders detached themselves because the adhesive and / or plastic was knackered after 10 years so they’ll need to be patched or replaced. They were stitched in so should be replaceable with a leather patch or plastic slider. I really need a new zip too as that is past it.

The leathers look better than ever after the wash so I figured I’d get them repaired and ride on.

You’ll be looking and smelling sweet this summer :kissing_heart:.

It’s Hill4Leather everytime for my leather repairs. His prices are good, he’s got a very good reputation and all of the work that he’s done for me, from cleaning, repairs to alterations, has always been excellent. The only negative is that he’s so busy that there might be a bit of a wait on the turn around.

Edit to add web address https://www.hill4leather.com/

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Great thanks. I’ll message him.
I’ll update the thread when I get it done.

My Dainese pants are in with @ranger1 for repair at the moment (he’s in West London). I’ll post the results in due course.

Try Hideout Leathers (https://www.hideout-leather.co.uk/) up in Essex. They do custom leathers, alterations and repairs. Very good, had some custom made textiles from them.

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Another vote for Hill 4 Leather. They also repair textiles etc. Good guys.

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I’ve used Hill4Leather and Hideout and both are excellent.

Never used him but this guys in Sutton

I used the chap in Sutton a couple of years back to alter my leathers…. Royally FCUKed them up…. And he wanted money for adjusting them too small…. Took my jacket before he messed that up. Did not pay him a penny……

Yikes that’s pretty damning. Just remembered I went to a place in Ash, near Aldershot. In a garage next to someone’s house and not by any means quick, but a good job

Update. Hill4Leather did an excellent job. You can’t really tell that the sliders were replaced unless it was pointed out to you. They fitted a new zip too, better than the original. They have a whole workshop down there with several industrial sewing machines and wall to wall race suits. They also recommended not putting leathers in the washing machine.

Overall I’d definitely recommend them.


I wasn’t impressed with the service from the chap in Sutton either. Actually, it was fucking awful.

There’s a bike clothing shop half way up the Holloway Road with an old boy out the back who can replace zips cheaply and professionally.