Leather cleaning

I own a Fieldsheer set, which is 50% white. Unfortunately, the local wildlife has a tendency to splatter on my suit and leave a bloody mess.
Noone locally does leather cleaning, and my local bike shop has suggested leather soap, to which I only need to add 1 vital ingredient:ELBOW GREASE.
I have not got the faintest idea on how to apply the stuff, what tools to use to scrub it (if needed) and would certainly appreciate some words of wisdom.
I am sure I am not alone in this plight.

If anyone knows of any leather specialist in the SE London area, please let me know.

Try a sofa cleaner or google “The Hoist” and see if they have an FAQ section covering it.

Try Nikwax leather cleaner. No elbow grease required and seems to work very well.

Where would you get that from?

Use non alcoholic baby wipes to clean any crap off… I’ve just bought a new leather suite and was going to go the whole hog and buy ££££ worth of leather cleaner until they advised me that non alcoholic baby wipes are just as good!

I’ve been cleaning the suite with those and I can vouch for them.

If you still want to put some leather wax on then get some and rub it in, you can buy it from most stores… in the aisles where the air freshner, black sacks and polish are kept.

I got it from hein gericke, about £5


TARMAC! Normally leads to nice new looking leathers!!!


Got to say i work with leathers day in day out and i highly reccomend ASTONISH leather cleaner no elbow grease required just do wot it says on the bottle! trust me it works and if you go near pound shops they always stock it!