My girlfriend drives a Daewoo Nubera automatic cage, thought I`d teach her to ride a bike. Being practical, started off with a chain lube lesson. We have a short 4 metre uphill drive. First lesson, Burnouts on the sidestand, good progress! Stopped for a debriefing and half a botle of wine. Open toed sandals and skimpy underwear notwithstanding we progressed to lesson two.

After two hours of dedicated pogramming, A clutch in , B Down into first, C light throttle, D slowly relelease clutch, E feet up! F clutch in, G Roll off throttle, H kick up into second, I slowly release clutch. At this stage the gate intervened and a mixture of no clutch control excess revs and lack off leg length created havoc with the bins, gate and neighbours four young children. Where did I go wrong?

The half bottle of wine :Whistling:

Its OK, borrowed the neighbours R1 and now on our third bottle. Shes made it to the end of the street, Im really chuffed, thinking of doing one of them driving instrutors courses they crack on about on the radio. Think Id be good and lots of young totty!

****, she`s made it down there but that was one bottle ago!!!

Good work :cool:

Not so good mate, the neighbour is really pissed off as the R1 is only insured third party, so if you`re out there and see a blonde without a clue, or many items of clothing trashing an R1 within 50 miles of Wembley, please intecept with extreme prejudice! You will be rewarded in the afterlife.

It`s best to stay away from the area.