Learner Legal rideout details

(Last updated Fri 2007-04-20 wee hours)

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It looks like we now have 22 riders, 50:50 experienced:new to long rides or ride-outs, including my younger son if I can winkle him out of bed!

Elad, I’ve asked another experienced rider ‘Rocketman’ aka Steve to make up a pair of tail-gunners. This means that should there be a problem at the back one can stay and sort it out, contact me by phone etc.

So date is Saturday 21st April, meeting at Boxhill (Ryka’s) for 11:00 briefing, 11:15 departure for Brighton. All should have full tanks and empty bladders by 11:00. ETA Brighton - before 13:30.

Best we all aim to get to Ryka’s by 10:45 at the latest so we can have a cuppa and introduce ourselves.

Map for Ryka’s: http://shorterlink.com/?F5DTR9

Here’s a map of the intended route: http://www.wotmeworry.org.uk/images/br1.png , all attending should have downloaded and printed a copy! Mapsource file here: http://www.wotmeworry.org.uk/br/

We’ll be stopping for refreshments at a pub half-way: http://www.thelambinn.info/index.htm

JimC - Leading (on a 250X9) Ryka’s [Hampton]

Elad - Tail Gunner (Big Bike) Ryka’s

Choccie Muffin - (Big Bike) Helping at the rear. oo er missus lol

SheWoolf - Marking Corners (Big Bike) Ace

Keti - Marking Corners (Big Bike)

Ben632664 - Marking Corners (Big Bike) Meet with ginger-pixie

GreenHornet - (big bike, behaving himself! ) Ryka’s?

MadScientist - (not the Honda!) Ryka’s

MostlyHarmless + Louise pillion - (DAKAR)

The Sleeper - (100cc Scoot?) Meet with ginger-pixie

JT - (125 bike, also help with corners if necessary) Ace

GingerPixie - (125 Bike) Ryka’s

MurphyD - () Meet with ginger-pixie

Guilanno - (125 Scooter) Ryka’s

Jackie - (250 Scooter) Ryka’s

Edc - Jimc’s sprog (125 Scooter) Ryka’s [Hampton]

Big Ears - (250 Scooter) [Windsor]

Huskyteer - (125 Scooter) [Bromley]

Jaxster - (125 Bike) Ace

DNA125 - (125 Scooter)

Trigger - (big bike) Ace leader

Rocketman - (Big HOG, extra tail-gunner/blocker) [Kings Langley]

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