Leaking sump

Hi All,

All of a sudden on saturday my pride and joy started leaking from the sump plug.

I have loosened and tightened up then road for 5 miles and all seemed fine no leak.

I have riden to work today and as i have parked up there is now a large leak. Any suggestions. (Bandit 600)

sounds suspiciously like the sump thread has gone from possible over tightening, cross threaded ness etc.

edit : assuming the crush washer is there? could try another new crush washer in there before heil coiling

think i’d drain the oil to inspect the thread, if its shot, heli-coil it if you’re a confident with spanners, if not take it to a garage and leave it to them

yeah as above, easy enough to take sump off too.

Yes, one of my first bike maintenance jobs was replacing the whole sump on a CBX550 back in 1987 due to the previous owner cracking and badly welding the sump. I had to remove the downpipes, but other than that it was just removing about 14 small screws and fitting a new sump with a new O ring (total cost about £12 back then!). Only took a novice about 2 hours, 90 minutes of which were spent swearing at the down pipes!

Got a new sump plug I got two sump crush washers. Also I got 3 Ltrs of oil.

Going to take out the plug when I get home and then clean it all up and try the new plug with two washers.

I really want my bike for May day… where can I get a heli coil from if worst comes to worst.

fairly expensive initial outlay but will pay for itself soon enough! - http://www.abbeypowertools.co.uk/engineering-tools/taps-dies-extractors/[email protected]

if you’ve not done it before, its not hard, but there is a knack to it