Leaking petrol

Hi I have a 1984 Yamaha RXS 100. After cruising around enjoying the sun I came back home and a small tube from the centre of the bike starts leaking petrol like I do after too many pints. The tube is located just behind the engine. I would be most gratefull is someone could explain why this is and how I stop it.

You leak petrol after too many pints? You need to change your brand!

Sounds like a damaged fuel line, best to have it checked out at your local garage. Or if your in London I can give you a number of a mobile mechanic.

If it stops after a while, it’s probably just the sun & heat from the engine. You’ll spend more getting it fixed than you’ll save in lost petrol.

Is your tank quite full?

Carb overflow. How often do you ride the bike? It could be a bit gummed up, so overflows. Chuck in some carb cleaner into the tank and see if that helps. If not, it could be a carb stripdown time…