Leaking coolant

I’ve noticed that my CBF600 has been leaking coolant recently. Not massive amounts but enough to occasionally leave a small patch on the garage floor which I then discover when I go to it in the morning. I checked the level today and it was getting low so I have topped it up. Has anyone else had this problem? I can’t see where it could be leaking from.


Check hoses. Also check around the bottom of the water pump you might need a new seal.

Aren’t seals an endangered specias?? and surely its cruel to keep one under your your motorbike??

I should know how to fix these things. I’ve got an 'ornet, which has the same engine. Finding the leak is not difficult, just look above where the puddle of coolant is in the morning.

Had to replace the radiator in my car last week as it was rotten. Not a lot to it really.