Le Weekend ~ weather forecast

Mainly cloudy but dry in North West/East England, an isolated light shower is possible. Brighter with sunny spells across the border into Scotland, remaining bright and sunny throughout Central Scotland. Becoming cloudy with a few light showers, but also some sunshine at times in the Highlands. Mainly dry and bright with sunny spells around Strathclyde.

Might just leave the waterproofs at home :w00t:

There must be a ford somewhere along the way. Shouldn’t you at least find space for waterproof trousers?

My first ford c1975 isn’t too far off route, it crosses the Brora River at Doll in the Highlands of Scotland

Art’s tip of the day ~ tuck in behind the bow wave :wink:

Its the RBLR its going to be WET :smiley: it always rains lol

mine will be with me

Good luck to all taking part, the last 200 miles hurt as I`m sure you all know.

Mind you it`s all relative, I remember thinking after 700 miles, almost home now. :crazy:

Hope no-one gets the 10 minute luxury sit down in a Glaswegian Police BMW, though it was well worth the £60.00 for the comfy seat.:cool:

Ride safe and come back whole.

Keep us updated, we`re rooting for you all.

Make the most of it, you`ll need passports, injections, a visa and foreign currency next year.:stuck_out_tongue:

Weather forecast remains about the same, although the ‘possible light isolated showers’ is now ‘risk of light rain’, the probability is that we won’t get too wet …

Jacket Nikwaxed last night just to be sure, to be sure I gave the jeans a quick spray too.

Waterproofs remain where they were left whenever ago :wink: