Le Prince Noir


Here is a video of Le Prince Noir a.k.a. The Black Prince a.k.a. Pascal…

It’s rumored there was a motorcyclist in the late 1970′s that called himself “Le Prince Noir” and roared around Paris with a camera strapped to his motorcycle. Perhaps this started with him, but I have seen no video of this or received any confirmation at all on this rumor. Also, 1970′s technology being what it was, it is hard for me to envision a video camera being strapped to a motorcycle. But, who knows…

Cut to modern day and we have the video seen above. Well, actually that video was shot in 1989, but at least we have the video so we know it was done and that Pascal is/was a real person.

I say “was” because there are persistent rumors that Pascal died trying to top his original record of 11 minutes and 4 seconds for the 35 kilometers (35 kilometers is 21.74 miles). However, there exist no official reports of a motorcyclist crashing and dying while filming a record run around Le Peripherique. In addition, there are rumors that the death rumors were started to keep the gendarmes and the press off of Le Prince Noir’s back (the gendarmes after learning of his ride, almost dared him to do it again). Last, but certainly not least, Ghost Rider himself stated in an interview that Le Prince Noir/The Black Prince/Pascal was still alive.

source |thevelvetrocket

He’s definitely on drugs to ride like that through Paris. He even starts to hallucinate at 5.40 when a bird in a crash helmet suddenly appears over his clocks.

lol good thing he was able to capture that on the video :smiley:


Whether you survive a ride like that depends 5% on skill, 95% on luck. At the 4 minute point, this guy’s luck very nearly runs out.I do remember seeing film of a crazy ride through Paris during the 70s or early 80’s, and being very impressed by it. I’m sure it was in a film but have never figured out which film it was. For a long time I thought it was the French Connection, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t. It wasn’t DIVA (that was in a subway).

If anyone knows of a French film from around 30 years ago that features a mad ride through the streets of Paris, I would love to hear about it!

looks like gsxr clocks

The origins of Cafitiering.:smiley:

Is it C’était un rendez-vous?


be funny to see him do this on a mod2

It could well be. Thanks for posting Rendez-Vous on the other thread; I’ve watched it and it does look very familiar, however I’m sure the film I saw was a full-length feature and included some filtering through narrow gaps as well as leaning through corners. However it is about 30 years since I saw it so I could be mistaken.

Im gonna have a go at that!.. Sidcup to Blackheath on the A2 at 8am on a Monday morning. Somebody please stand on the slip road and time me :w00t::w00t:.

P.S-Ill be on a blue moped that doesnt go faster then 40MPH!:hehe: