Le Mans

Is anyone going across this year? I’m looking for some info on where to camp and where to go having never been before.

You’ve missed both the major races there this year… oh wait a moment, you don’t mean those 4 wheeled things do you?:slight_smile:

Sorry, can’t help, I’ve never camped at a motor racing circuit in Europe, I prefer not to be kept awake by people revving the nuts off engines until they seize…:slight_smile:

Have a look on ebay, there are a few entrance and camping tickets on there. or try http://ticket.lemans.org/vente2/visu_article_mini.php?id_univers=1&id_ev=20&id_boutique=45&id_rubrique=45

For the ACO website, hope your french is good!

PM me if you want any more info

LOL. By camping I did mean somewhere to sober up after being awake most of the night with the sound of engines ringing in my ears dulled only by beer.