le mans gp

think rossi’s going to walk it 2moro if qualifing is anything to go buy,his times on race rubber were good enough to get him on the second row with everyone else on qualifers,he puts the soft rubber on in the last 3 minutes,and sets the 2 fastest times of the session,pure class

He’s the man, if ever there was one. I support Rossi firstly, Shakey second and Suzuki third, but seeing as the latter two options can’t cut the mustard, it looks like a Rossi field-day ahead Rossi could always mess it up, he’s not inhuman, he makes mistakes (and comes back miracuously often). Giblets makes me laugh.

Le Mans look amazing, so, so fast. I subscribe to the motogp.com website and the new onboard video channel is crazy, has given me some ideas on placement for my onboard video setup!

the best “british” hope we got is john hopkins his parents r english,as r his brother and sister,all his family,he’s the only one born in the states and as he just bought a house in england we should adopt him,and his a suzuki man,its a win win situation