Le Mans 24h Moto 19 - 20/4

Having missed a few years (sold bike when I had to spend a lot of time looking after grandchild), after going to the Le Mans 24h Moto for 15 consecutive years, I am going this year with a few others.

Anyone else from here going, maybe meet up for a beer at the circuit?

Anyone (who is half sensible) want to join us for the trip?

We are going from Portsmouth to Le Havre 23.00 17/4 and returning on the 17.00 boat 21/4, which costs £44. We’ll be camping at the circuit in pre-erected tents Fri/Sat nights (87 euros a head including circuit entry) and staying in a hotel on the Sunday night.

Four bikes at present - ZX9, ZRX12, a Daytona and Fireblade. Two of the group are Euro virgins, so you won’t feel awkward if you’ve not ridden in France before:)

Le Mans is less than 150 miles from Le Havre.

Encore de biere, SVP;)