Le mans 24 Hours

Is just about to start on Eurosport:cool:


yet again there’s only very limited coverage of it on eurosport, an hour or so at the start, another hour this evening on eurosprto two and probably about the same tomorrow :(, they could at least put a few hours on overnight instead of having an intermission

I might be the bang on the head I’e had, but I could have sworn eurosport had more coverage of the 24 hour last year? Or am I imagining things?

I think there was a bit more last year, but it still wasn’t much considering the actual length of the event

Agree, not much scheduled considering it’s running for errrr24 hours hahaah

Oh and Andy i’m sorry to say this but Phase One lasted about an hour and a half…serious oil leak i believe.

Fugg it!:crying:At least they lasted 37 laps longer than Yamaha France:P:DI think 3 or 4 hours out of 24 is enough for most folk. Can’t really see the point of showing the overnight hours as there isn’t much to see except headlights whizzing past at odd angles:w00t:It’s not like Qatar where it’s a floodlit circuit.;)If you want to keep an eye on precedings, here’s the link for the official timing screenhttp://www.lemans.org/24heuresmoto/pages/chronos_fr.html

They could use the dark hours to show highlights though, instead of international tiddlywinks or whatever eurosport are showing at night now…

It’s on Eurosport2 now!!!:w00t: