LB's spotted at..

I was thrilled on my off chance visit to Foxy’s Diner over in Oxford yesterday to spot and name some of the LB’s. I was the sad sucker sat on the wall drooling with Jaymbee, we were really cheesed of that we had come by Van. Thanks to the website (as we are newbies) we were able to put some names to the faces… I think…





Apologies to the rest that we could not put a name to.

I was like a big kid in a candy shop, It made my day !

and one day my child you too will have newbees drooling over you …keep it up


What were they doin there? Was it a meet?

Having lunch probably you doughnut… ,

And why didn’t anyone tell me??? I only live a few miles from there GRRRR

RizlaSV and I were there for a late brekky with another mate of mine (Yogi) - come over and say hello next time

Sorry LMRR, didn’t know you lived that way - send me your moby number and we’ll let you know when we go again.

I’m going up there tonight as it’s still late night opening for the bikes on a Monday. If the weather stays like this it’ll be a nice ride out.

I might make a turn (black gsxr750). What are you riding?