Well I will firstly start by thanking Justin (jc1001) who arranged it for me to attend a soup run last night to help the homeless.I’m not a fantastic writer so will do my best here.

So I meet up with Justin at about 6:20, ride over to the hostel (for choice of better words) but picking up a chinese on the way, arrived at the house around 7pm ish.

I got shown around the house, which had been donated to the charity and had been converted. Met a few people that were staying there, and some of the people that work there.
We had to wait for prett to arrive with the sandwiches which eventually arrived around 7:50-8ish this was to go ontop of the food already made, which gave me time to talk to the people I was going out with, to say the very least Justin made me feel right at home and Jo who came on the van was an absolute laugh and on that note his laugh was very infectous.

so we set off about 8:10ish picked up a few more helpers, and on we went to the 1st stop, there were about 20 people there, from all walks of life, I was on soup duty (note. do not wear you bike gear when doing this) after handing out the soup which went down a treat a few of the people came up and spoke to me, very nice they were to, and seemed they only wanted a chat and a cuppa.
Essentially this was the same at each stop (with the exception of me getting more soup over me with each stop)handed out soup, got to talk to a few people and have to say I had a fantastic time.

To say the very least I will be back and I’m going to sign up and do more soup runs for the charity even if that is all I can do.
To those that are thinking about doing it, go for it give it a go, contact Justin and he will probably be able to wangle it so you can do a one off to see how you feel with not committment or pressure to sign up whatsoever I also felt completely safe as well I will add as I know this maybe an issue for some.

On a final note though, whilst out there were people asking for gloves and jumpers, so if you have any lying around even if they are odd pairs, please let me know and I’ll try and collect them from you.EDIT:- someone has just asked if I could put up a link, so this is the link to the chartiy I helped yesterday you are interested in helping please contact jc1001 on the forum who organised this for me but any other question let me know and I will try and answer as best as possible, if not I’m sure jc1001 will be able to…

I live just down the road from crsytal palace and I got home about 11:50pm. we got back to the house and left about 11-11:10ish

but there are many variables like, what time prett arrive, how many people at each stop etc etc…

I me jc1001 near old street. we locked the bikes to each other outside the house as there is parking there.

Nice one fella , thats for the post and good hear your comments !

Dont worry , the soup will eventually come out of your jacket mate :w00t:

Well done sleeper, good for you mate. After I read your post about the guy you bought the coffee for I thought that would be the extent of your charitable efforts. But its good that you took it that step further.

Its also nice to see someone positively back up their chat with action. Nuff Respect buddy. I’l see how Im fixed once Im all healed up and mobile again I may join you.

P.S. How did the job front end up?

job front holding firm at the moment, they are now trying to cut contracts and things like that, that are not needed so hopfully they will be able to save money there rather than any more job cuts.

what abotu you, sorted that computer out yet?

lol… nah not yet. I was working along the lines of enticing you onto a ride out one day and conning you into coming over adn taking an expert look :P:P

Well done mate. Great thing to do.

Where would the world be without bikers.

Nice one Karl. Well done for doing this and thanks for following up with a write-up. I’m looking for something a bit more local to me to help in the same way.

Top man!

Hi Carl, so when’s the next one you’re going out on?

justin doesn’t know yet but was going to see if I could sneak in again next wednesday…

oh bugger just realised justin will read this!!!

oh yer and it’s Karl not Carl don’t do a Garrat on me.

Lol, sorry Karl! :stuck_out_tongue: Well if you do get in and you need any help, I have next wed and thurs nights off.

You talking about the 04th Feb Mate ?

Oh and I saw your post mate , so no surprise !:stuck_out_tongue: