LB unofficial trackday @ Silverstone 30th July Roll Call

Which of you maggots are onboard, if we get 4 people into a single garage, how many garages are we going to need to block off ?

Me - Inters Group on ZX6R 2000

will be there early…Could mix the track groups up in a garage, so more space available during sessions?

Me, novice but might do inters if they have room, gixer 750.

from the previous thread we should have around 10 or so.

sold my 03 ninja, not got an 06 1000 blade.

So what have you got then :wink:

Very nice mate, you’ll have some fun on that at the 'stone. Moving up to fast group?

got my new diamond tyre warmers in the post last week, was looking at putting slicks on her, but just going to settle for some Metzeler Racetec’s. if they are good enough for the semi pro’s, i’m sure i’ll be fine. so fast group is on the cards i think, or i could just try and lap as many LB’ers as possible :smiley:

silverstone garages are mahhhhuuuuusive… 10 in one no problem :slight_smile:

ill be there early and hopefully get the one right next to the focused garage in the middle of the pit lane.

not far to walk for the free tea then or to pester brian to show us how itd done :hehe:

We will be there,

Mark fast group - GSXR1000 K2 or if he’s lucky my K7 :smiley:

the garages are much bigger than the ones at brands,last time we went htere we had 10 or more and it was no problem…

Bought some part-worn racetecs and they are sticky to the touch when cold! you will be fine with them mate… yeah go in the fast group…dont want to be overtaken by TOO many people :wink:

i`l be there gixer k4600

should be in orange go faster colours by then:P

Novice group, Fazer 1000. Traveling up the night before, still haven’t sorted out B&B yet.

I will be there aswell. Inters. Going down day before with frogga. BnB ? Don’t know yet :slight_smile: Can sleep in the van, doesn’t really matter :smiley:

I can’t wait to see you on the track … I fink you’ve got your cards marked now :D:D:D:D:D:D

lol yeah, under pressure now to put some fast times in. :crazy:

its my first time @silverstone so please be gentle:D:D:D;)

the track is so wide you could land 2 plane’s on it, you’ll have loads of tarmac dont worry :slight_smile:

There’s a premier inn at the start of the A413 at Aylesbury - about 45 mins from Silverstone (great warm up too). Also a Travelodge on the A43 at Towcester, not 5 minutes from the track.