LB Trackday & BBQ Brands Hatch 6th May

I’m posting this in General as I know not everyone reads the Trackdays Forum:cool:

We have organised an LB Trackday for 6th May but it’s no ordinary trackday, this is for everyone to enjoy!

As well as the usual Advanced, Intermediate and Novice groups, we have 3 x 20 minute Trackday Taster Sessions for first timers to get out on track for only £20. What a bargain!!!

We are also holding a BBQ after the days events, a Feast for a Fiver!:w00t:(BBQ needs to be booked via website)

Everyone’s welcome, spectators enter for free.

Booking details are all here

We look forward to seeing you

i’m on track…and i will be very hungry after:D:D

Chunks - have booked the trackday, where do I sign up for the carbonised meat fest?

i’m coming to watch and eat:D

I’m coming to watch and eat too.

I’ll pop by after work :slight_smile:

I’m coming to watch and eat three. :slight_smile:

leave some for me:D

Cool Wolfie :hehe:

Looks like there’ll me more of us spectators than track-goers :wink:

I hope there’s stuff to do while we’re waiting for the BBQ (and not just timing people).

I would love to be a track-goer but i just don’t have the bread… still don’t mean we can’t have track-side fun :slight_smile:

Me too mate!

I’ll bring the Jenga/ Scrabble or something!

You sound bitter!!!

The BBQ has to be booked online via the MSV website. BBQ will be running from 6pm until 7:30pm and for just £5 per person you will recieve the following:

Sticky BBQ pork sausage
Beef burger with cheese
Garlic bread
Mixed salad
Loaded jacket with sour cream
Chargrilled marinated halloumi cheese(V)

Book early to avoid disappointment!

ermmm no1’s forcing ya ta come or how about ya ge ya butt on track???

He is broke… Learn to read between the line… Although Tiggi could finance him to insure to have someone slower than her on the track :smiley:

said in true fredrick style…lolol…i cant beleive im saying this…but i would almost like you if you wer’nt french…:P:D:D:D.