Great stuff :slight_smile:

Lots of people signing up now :slight_smile: So don’t miss out!


22 People coming now, so make sure you get your name down soon or there’ll be no places left!

Looks like there will be 2 groups going down - one on Friday Afternoon - probably lead by Charley - although I’ve not asked him yet! :wink: and the second group going down early on Sat after a breakfast at the Ace lead by me - although I’ve not asked me yet! :wink:

So get your name down so I can make sure we reserve enough of the camp site.

Hey guys this is looking really good now - about 25 of us so far - would be great if we could get 30 - there’s the possibility of a band, and a hog roast - I’ve asked the Inn about having a big bbq out the back they’ve already agreed to open the downstairs bar for us (the one where beer comes straight out of the kegs) so it’s going to be a really big, great party!

SO get your names down now!

We’ve only got 30 tent pitches reserved so get your name down quick before it’s too late.


All looking very good now guys and gals so make sure you get your names down !

I could take some time off and make it but I dont have a tent yet and never done any camping in UK. Is anyone leaving from the city of london? Where can i get small enough tent that I can get it on my gsx-r?

Hi mate - I could come over and meet you in the City if you like - I think we’ll leave proper from The Ace though… but that’s easy enough to arrange.

Tent wise - I just bought a new one from these guys

Delivery was good, price was amazing given the quality of the tent…

I bought this one

which I think is a bit of a deal.

You can also grab one from Argos which would be fine… lot’s of options here

Hope that helps - we’d love to see you on the trip - camping in the UK is great fun - especially when it’s right out the back of a fantastic pub!

Let me know if you’re going to come and PM me if you want me to come meet you in The City.


I found a tent at home and sleeping bag as well. Is anyone going by car as they are a bit big so they could take my tent and sleeping bag (please)?

If this is possible please count me in. Do we have to pay for the tent places?

I’m gutted i’m away in scotland working from this monday for two weeks!!


Great…! I’m not sure if anyone is going down in a car…

price wise it’s £4 per person - so nice and cheap!