Hi Guys and Gals - head over to the ride out section now

and get your names down - I’m paying a deposit on the site today!

15/16 July at The Barge Inn - Great weekend Summer Bash - from the Friday night if you want to go then but the main party will be on the Sat night - hog roast, big BBQ, lots of booze and some great music!

So get your names down now for the best biker party this summer!


(sorry to start another thread in here weaver just wanted somewhere I could bump!)

Thats the only weekend in July I’m bloody working

I can’t make it and I’m now very pi$$ed off. I was just offered the 22/23rd weekend off and took it incase it would be that one but can’t get cover for this one and I’m on nights.

One very peed off LMRR

Nothing personal tho just the luck of the draw I suppose

oh damn! Really sorry - but I guess there where always going to be people who’s dates didn’t match - really sorry !


Great - okay chaps have just had to pay a deposit for the camp site - so now I’m £200 in a hole - so make sure you get your names down! This is going to be a GREAT PARTY!!!

Only 3 people so far! I’m beginning to worry my £200 is a gonner!

Of course :slight_smile:

£4 per person! Cheap at half the price - here’s the review again if it helps.


Matt, count me in mate…where do you want me to sign up?


Great the party is sorted if you’re coming!

Put your name down here

…of course not forgetting the ‘party animal’ WEAVER!!! DOWN IN ONE DOWN IN ONE!

Lets hope theres more than 8 people for your summer bash, sorry I can’t make it.

I hope so too! I’ve just coughed up £200!

Sorry Matt I cannot make it I have my two weeks holiday in that period.



Come on they guys and gals get your names down :slight_smile:

well ill have a drink on you and maybe send you a vrtual drink from some pc

or better still you could come go to work nights why we sleeping and then when you get back look after the tents and stuff

im alrweady down should be cracking are we going to have to carry the tents on our bikes because if we are im bringing a poncho

That would be well worth seeing mate!

what me sleeping out in the cold i would dont care i love it out there, idd lock my stuff away in your tent though

just throw a sickie

hope your making the france trip though

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