LB Stickers - Suitable for helmets

Are the LB stickers suitable for sticking on helmets ? (crash helmets that is you bunch of pervs).

When I bought my current lid online a few months ago it sisn’t show the back of it, which isn’t the nicest !
Is it’s safe I will cover it up with a nice big LB sticker.

Yeah, think so, they’re more like transfers than stickers.

give me a ring and let me know what you want will drop it off at the weekend when going over to my mums.

Yes, perfectly suitable. The small ones go great on the top of visors, and the next bigger size go fine on the back or sides.

Any chance you can do some nice carbon / kevlar ones suitable for temporary repairs to slightly dented lids?:stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, buy out our current stock first and I’ll do it :slight_smile:

ermmm id think about replacing the lid rather that putting stickers on it :w00t:

Cheers pal, although this weekend I’m not around that much… might have to be another time.