LB Releases TV Listings for Bikes!

LB has just launched the first UK TV listings for bikers as a service to its members and readers. If you’re like us, you love watching bike-related programs on TV, but find it virtually impossible to continously look out for programs of interest, and rely on chance to find anything good to watch. Well now you have a one-stop source for all biking programs for the week ahead.

There’s a hell of a lot of programs in one week. Check out the LB listings at:

The listings page is linked from the homepage if you need to find it in the future. The listings constantly update as new programs become known. For the time-being all visitors will be able to view the listings, but in time, only members will be able to, so if you’re not already a member, now!

Now I have no excuse to miss another WSB/BSB/AMA/MotoGP race, hurrah!

Anyone following this on TV tonight? out… We have no excuses to miss another bike program now! This trike is not my cup of tea but I liked to see the build of it from the begining



I might watch out of curiosity, I’ve never really understood the interest in trikes, seems like an odd way to hang on to the concept of biking.

top banana !!! guys and girls this is a $hit load of work… Thank you

Nice one,very handy as theres going to be more racing on soon than you can shake a stick at. Good luck keeping the tv schedule up to date, seems a tricky job to me. Ill be using it each day.

No worries, that’s what we’re here for, to build the best biking website the world has ever seen! Or something like that. I’m thinking of making a couple of changes to the listings, showing the later programs at the top of the columsn, instead of at the bottom, and adding a highlight to the current day.

Nice work guys, very handy.

…to build the best biking website the world has ever seen! eh…

in that case we could do with an extra link Jay; what with the digital era that we are now in I’d like a text link option which will allow me to set a TV reminder on my digibox… Sky+ - also record the event at the same time lol…

Yep, +1.

Once again LB leads where others try to follow.

You guys are spoiling us… Cheers :thumbup

Ton-Up telly addict